Endotoxin activation of cells by LPS binding protein and CD14 - The innate immune system at work
P.S. Tobias

A mechanism of TNFR (75-kDa) "shedding" in macrophages
C.P. Coyne

Cloning, DNA polymorphisms and mRNA expression of Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist (IL-Ira) gene in horse
Arun K. Dhar

Phenotypic and functional changes of CXC-receptors on neutrophils from septic patients
Charles Frevert

Serum amyloid A - Is it a useful test in the neonatal foal?
Sarah Stoneham

Further observations on the pathogenesis of septicemia in the neonatal foal and methods of prevention in stabled horses compared to environmental and behavioral infection prevention strategies utilized by the wild horse
John E. Madigan

Field determination of colostrum quality using a novel, practical method
Pascale Chavette

Oral immunoglobulin therapy
Sally Vivrette

EHV-1 and EVA: Differential diagnoses for neonatal septicemia
Pamela A. Wilkins

Respiratory disease in the newborn foal: Radiographic and clinical findings
Guy Lester

Long and short term impact of equine neonatal pneumonia on survival and adult lung function
Daniela Bedenice

Diarrhea caused by Clostridium difficile in 33 neonatal foal
Amy L. Grice

Characterization of Clostridium difficile isolates associated with diarrhea in neonatal foals
K. Gary Magdesian

Uroperitoneum in the septic equine neonate: Retrospective study of 31 cases 1988-1997
Kerry Anderson Kablack

An assessment of neonatal septic arthritis at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
Jessica McCoy

Virulence factors in Escherichia coli isolated from blood of bacteremic neonatal calves
Gilles Fecteau

In vitro sensitivity or organisms isolated from septic foals and assessment of standard antibiotic protocols: Retrospective study 1995-1998
A. Williams

A survey of results of bacteriologic culture of blood from critically ill neonatal foals: 56 cases (1996-1998)
Peggy Marsh

Comparative pharmacokinetics of ceftiofur in neonatal foals and adult horses
W. David Wilson

Disposition pharmacokinetics and evaluation for nephrotoxicity of a high dose, once daily administration of amikacin to neonatal foals
K. G. Magdesian

Update on treatment of neonatal septicemia and failure of passive transfer
Sally L. Vivrette

Management of respiratory failure in neonatal foals
Laurent Couetil

Inhaled nitric oxide in the newborn foal
Guy Lester

Use of inhaled nitric oxide in improving pulmonary gas exchange in persistent pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary failure secondary to septic shock in the neonatal foal and calf
Jonathan Palmer

Feeding the critically ill newborn foal - consider the enteral route
Virginia Buechner-Maxwell

Bypassing the oral cavity: The use of tube esophagostomy for long- term enteral nutritional support in a foal
Melissa R. Mazan

Preliminary investigation of intragastric pH profiles in normal and sick neonatal foals: Effect of H2 antagonism
L. Chris Sanchez

Retrospective study of surgical vs medical management of umbilical remnant infections in neonates
Susan White

Comparison of the racing performance of Thoroughbred and Standardbred neonatal intensive care unit graduates with their normal cohorts