Founded in 1979, the Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation, Inc., is a private foundation that conducts scientific research to improve the general health and welfare of horses. The Foundation is currently focused on equine reproduction, behavior, and infectious diseases and on the creation of an equine genetic map. The Foundation's founder and sole contributor was Dorothy Havemeyer McConville, also known as Dorothy Russell Havemeyer.

Research is conducted by principal investigators selected to work on specific projects for the Foundation. The Foundation has agreements with six institutions for several research projects to be conducted by principal investigators.

The Foundation sponsors workshops related to its research projects when it determines, in consultation with its principal investigators, that there are enough new findings on a subject to warrant such an event. Workshops are also held on subjects related to the Foundation's other research and scientific activities. Workshops are attended by 25-30 scientists working on equine issues, with each making a presentation.

The Foundation frequently approves the publication of findings related to its research projects and workshops in scientific journals or as Foundation Monographs. The Foundation's Monograph Series are expanded abstracts prepared by workshop participants on the subject of their presentation.

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