Schedule of Workshops for 2017

International Endocrine Symposium III
Organizers: Drs. Mary Rose Paradis, Diane McFarlane, Nicholas Frank and Harold Schott
Coral Gables, Florida, January 3-6, 2017

Large Colon Volvulus (Colic) Workshop
Organizers: Drs. Rolf Embertson, Susan Holcombe and Scott Weese
Lexington, Kentucky, Spring 2017 (tentative)

Tendinopathies III
Organizer: Dr. Roger Smith
Venue to be determined, Summer 2017 (tentative)

Equine Viral Herpes A
Organizer: Dr. Klaus Osterrieder
Venue to be determined, Summer 2017 (tentative)

Strangles V
Organizer: Dr. Robert Keene and Dr. Andrew Waller
Gallatin Gateway, Montana, September 19-22, 2017




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