Schedule of Workshops for 2019

Havemeyer Foundation 6th Getting to Grips with Strangles Workshop
Organizers: Dr. Andrew Waller
Reykjavik, Iceland, May 2 - 4, 2019

Comparative Translational Orthobiologics, Equine-Human
Organizer: Dr. Wayne McIlwraith and Dr. David Frisbee
Fort Collins, Colorado, May 7 10, 2019

Fourth Havemeyer Equine Asthma Workshop
Organizer: Dr. Laurent Couetil
Custer, South Dakota, May 22 25, 2019

Acute Colitis Workshop
Organizers: Dr. Luis Arroyo Castro and Dr. John Prescott
Niagra-on-the Lake, New York, July 15 17, 2019

Equine Colic Workshop Workshop
Organizers: Dr. Diana Hassel and Dr. Eileen Hackett
Granby, Colorado August 20-23, 2019





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